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Waste recycled and recyclable

Spam refers to unwanted or unused solid and liquid substances. In densely populated cities, the garbage disposal is a headache problem. Common practice is collected and sent to landfills or incinerators incineration. But both will create environmental problems, ending excessive consumption can be further reduced landfill saturation levels. Improper waste disposal in a landfill can contaminate groundwater and smells, and many urban landfill area available has been less and less. Incineration will inevitably produce toxic gases, harmful organisms. Most cities are studying ways to reduce waste (including a call for the public to reduce consumption), and encouraging recycling. Recyclables are those that can enter the loop and another resource utilization of waste, the waste wood products (including waste), metal products, plastic bottles, so long as sterile, melted and remanufacturing programs can recycling program. Waste paper main including newspaper, and magazine, and books, and various wrapping paper, and Office with paper, and tray,, but tissue and health with paper due to water-soluble too strong not recycling; plastic main including various plastic bags, and plastic packaging real, and one-time plastic meal box and tableware, and toothbrush, and Cup, and mineral water bottle,; glass main including various glass, and broken glass tablets, and mirror, and bulb,; metal main including cans, and canned box,; fabric main including abandoned clothes, and towel, and bag, and shoes,. Recyclable garbage apart from the recycling of garbage, common in nature is easy to break down waste, bark, leaves, food scraps, flowers, leaves and branches, including cigarette butts, cinder, construction debris, paint pigments, food residues and other waste after article of little value.
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