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Waste battery technology is not an issue

A unified style, streamlined size, storage settings, reasonable and convenient using the up and down enough, without having to spend a lot of money, you can easily have a full House. This way when the owner wanted to change out when new to purchase second-hand furniture in different styles, both stylish and environmentally friendly economy.   Waste battery technology is not a problem, developed countries have the technology is readily available, taking over. It is understood that Germany near Magdeburg was the construction of a "wet processing" devices, where apart from the lead-acid battery, and various types of batteries are dissolved in sulfuric acid, and then by means of ion-exchange resin extraction of metal from a solution, specific heat treatment of pure raw materials obtained in this way, so a higher price in the market, and 95% of substances contained in the batteries can be extracted. China's economic strength grows, attracts foreign residency, and led to the flourish of local enterprises in China, active economic activity alive in China, in the face of China's huge market demand, waste battery recycling enterprise has strong vitality.
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