Recovery of common sense

Should avoid the use of disposable things

Should avoid the use of disposable beverage cups, foam lunch boxes, plastic bags and disposable chopsticks, ceramic mugs, lunch boxes, paper bags and General bamboo chopsticks in place, this will greatly reduce the generation of waste. As with energy-saving lights replacing ordinary light bulbs, although it is relatively expensive, but it's a fraction of the power consumption than ordinary light bulbs. Please bring your own shopping bag to go shopping, to avoid the use of plastic bag recycling, indecomposable. Save water when brushing your teeth, turn off the faucet. Gardeners should use organic fertilizers such as compost and manure, avoiding the use of pesticides and herbicides, because they can get into the soil, against water. If you bury the used batteries together with household waste or discarded, containing mercury, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, and acid, alkali, electrolyte will seep, contaminated soil, groundwater, and then into the fish, crops, environmental destruction, and indirectly harmful to human health. According to relevant information, section 1 first battery will make 1 square meter of the soil is permanently lost value. Scrap or unused items should be allowed to play its residual value. Water bottles in the raised his hand and said: it can be crushed into plastic granules, and then into other things, let it values embodied by the other. Construction permit rear construction; to compile when the demolition of the old building demolition scheme and construction, architectural technician also be consulted. At the time of demolition of the old building, to grasp from three aspects: one is to fasten your seat belt to prevent falls from a height; the second is to prevent the sudden collapse of housing. Must not hooking, break down the hollowed out around the House, this is not safe. Third, to high security, prevention of falls hurt.
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