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Recycling processing ease of 5 types

A wider scope of copper waste and scrap, including copper, brass, bronze, copper-nickel alloy scrap materials, among them, the most impure copper waste and scrap, waste cables, copper tubes, rods, plates, blocks, and so on. According to their convenience that can be recycled, can be divided into 5 types.
(a) copper tubes, rods, plates, blocks, belts, the surface is clean, free of sludge and other adhesion and inclusion;
(b) bare copper wire, short and other copper scrap.
(a) as l type of copper scrap is mixed with paper scraps, insulation materials, small amounts of sludge, rust, debris, but its total mass is not more than l%;
(b) 0.3mm enameled wire in diameter free of dirt and debris.
all kinds of scrap copper or copper electrical switches, of thin galvanized parts.
(a) the enameled wire of diameter 0.1 ~ 0.3mm;
(b) sludge or mixture of a small number of other enameled wire;
(c) clean, crisp fire lines.
copper tanks, evaporators, heat exchange device, but may not have its internal filling, allowing only a small amount of natural scale.
waste of non-ferrous metals, generally based on two steps: the first step is to dry and burn oil, grease and other organic matter; the second step is smelting metal, metallic impurities in molten slag removal, purification smelting and primary smelting and refining in two stages. Finally, the regeneration non-ferrous metal casting or molding products.
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