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Material recycling Institute of design of electrolytic silver equipment

A unified style, streamlined size, storage settings, reasonable and convenient using the up and down enough, without having to spend a lot of money, you can easily have a full House. This way when the owner wanted to change out when new to purchase second-hand furniture in different styles, both stylish and environmentally friendly economy. Materials Institute for recycling applications designed by electrolytic silver device, with graphite as the cathode, stainless steel drum as anode, many pores on the drum. Sodium citrate and sodium sulfite as the electrolyte, silver pieces from the drum head into, from the end of the drum is sent out. Plating on the surface of silver into the liquid electrolyte, plating a substrate do no harm to return from the new plating applications. Recovery of silver 97-98%, Hi-purity 99.9%. Recovery of scrap aluminium: aluminium is a light metal and its compounds are very widespread in the natural world, aluminium content in the Earth's crust is approximately 8%. Recycling scrap aluminum, low pressure rectification of waste aluminum wire, pull thread, scrap cable, wire, industrial scrap aluminum in all devices. Prices according to the classification of waste aluminium and up to date market prices may be. Recovery of scrap aluminium, aluminum recycling, and aluminum recycling, recycling aluminum PIN. Scrap lead recycling: bluish white metal, melting point of 327.502 ° c, boiling point is 1740 ° c, density of 11.3437 g/cm 3, hardness 1.5, soft texture, low tensile strength. Recycled lead scrap, metal slug, lead products and industrial scrap all products containing lead. Recovery of prices according to type of scrap lead and the latest market price may be. Which type recycling and lead scrap recycling, recycling PS plate.
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