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Garbage collection is an automatic memory management mechanism

Garbage collection (English: Garbage Collection, and abbreviated as GC) is an automatic memory management mechanism. When dynamic memory on a computer is no longer needed, it should be released to make room for storage, storage resource management, known as garbage (garbage collection). Garbage collector allows programmers to alleviate many burdens, reduce opportunities for programmers make mistakes. Garbage collection originated in LISP language. Many languages such as Smalltalk, Java, c # supports the garbage collector. Landfill technology applied for a long time, most Chinese cities are using air storage, natural filled ditch and fill approach. Only General anaerobic treatment. But in recent years, the construction of the landfill are maturing, a number of higher level of landfill have been completed, such as Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and baotou City based on the municipality to establish a relatively perfect sanitary landfill and landfill site recovery and utilization of biogas technology has been developed. Current fill method is still the most important way of harmless treatment of urban landfill. Burning processing technology of application China garbage burning technology of research started Yu 80 generation medium-term, burning technology for garbage harmless of, and reduction quantitative, and resources of processing most effective of way, for future garbage processing of development way, currently China only has Shenzhen, and Leshan, and Xuzhou, minority city established has garbage burning processing field, for has burning power of model sex test, system run situation good, but scale is unlikely to, day processing capacity low. Beijing, Shenyang, Shanghai, Beihai, Guangzhou and other major cities are currently planning to build a large-scale garbage incineration plant.
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