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"E-waste" smelting the metals in alloys

Mobile share about 300 million more than at present in our country. As the domestic electronics industry by leaps and bounds, product replacement cycles are getting shorter, generation out of used mobile phones movement grew. On average every 3 years mobile phone use, will have 100 million mobile phones a year the movement was eliminated. If calculated by each single weight 0.1 kg, their total years of more than 10,000 tons. Every ton of old mobile phones contains about 280 grams, containing 2000 grams of silver, containing 100 grams of Palladium, copper and a small amount of Platinum, Iridium, rhodium and other temporary system. Years out in terms of the gold-bearing waste phone 2,800 kilograms (2.8 tons), 20,000 kilograms of silver (20 tons), platinum-group metals in PD 100 kilograms. This is the treasure house of precious metals and platinum group metals. More than 10,000 tons of e-waste, respectively in one year to extract valuable metals and dispose of used mobile phones to more than 30 tons a day on average, the difficulty can be imagined. On the adoption of production processes. Currently someone directly using high temperature (more than 1200 degrees) of pyrometallurgical, "e-waste", to smelt metals alloys, then take wet refined metals, respectively. Direct smelting, must use a lot of high quality Coke. Lots of (such as the distillation of low boiling point of magnesium and oxygen combustion gases and mercury, arsenic and other toxic elements) how to eliminate the pollution is also a problem. As the goods traded in the secondary market is used, which is difficult to measure the value of depreciation of goods, and the secondary trading of goods, because of its characteristics to be used for some time in order to identify accurately. Customers lack the degree of depreciation of equipment, performance, quality, price, brands, services and other information, to obtain first-hand information about the cost is often too high, and it is very difficult, resulting in their purchasing decisions alone often is the price. But in fact, the price is too high, no one is buying, but the price is too low, good quality second-hand machinery and is not willing to sell. Used equipment supplier, used equipment sales-credit, because they do not understand the customer's actual income level and credit conditions often cause interest. Mechanical maintenance must implement "raised repair both, prevention" of principles, do regularly maintenance, and forced for, right processing using, and maintenance and repair of relationship, not allows only with not raised, only repair not raised, the team must by mechanical maintenance procedures, and maintenance category do various mechanical of maintenance work, shall not for no reason delay, special situation needed by is in charge of designed workers approved rear can extension maintenance, but General shall not over provides maintenance interval period of half.
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