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Cardboard printing technique method of sticking on the back

For a print worker, sticking on the back, get dirty, are often encountered trouble, is also more difficult to solve the problem. For new production equipment in the process, of course, on the body or in equipment have been improved greatly, for example, installation of UV, IR dryer, between two adjacent units and increase paper and so on, is a better approach. But for dryer of the printing device is not installed, you have to use traditional duo solution, powder, small. Powder tends to bring print gloss, fall and laminating of difficulties, but also to the production environment, polluting equipment. We know lead to sticking on the back is a holdout residual adhesive and substrate is caused by pressure to above, so if we can overcome any sticking on the back problem will be solved. Waste recycling
for packaging products in Nanjing, mostly use thicker cardboard 250g/m2 printing, so the Board higher stiffness than tissue paper, so you can use semi-finished products after printing rotated 90 ° side vertically, which reduced the pressure between each print, so as to avoid the sticking on the back, well, it is recommended that peers to give it a try.
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