Waste scrap metal prices jump as hoarding

Scrap prices, but collectors are not happy, a lot of material accumulation, lead recycling company we could get things right now, many recycling prices, scrap papers up to even 1 time. Recovery of steadily rising market did not allow recycling companies to benefit. Yesterday found that small recycling companies, recycling in our city, such as retail, business has not been so fired up, but down nearly 30%. Market: high but difficult to do business

market recently, many waste recycling market keeps on rising. Reporter found that, compared with last year, newspapers from 0.4 Yuan per 500 grams up to 0.7 Yuan, rose from 0.8 Yuan; old books from a previous 0.3 Yuan rose to 0.65 Yuan; cardboard boxes from the previous rose 0.35 Yuan to 0.5 Yuan. Brass, scrap iron, who led for a time after the Spring Festival, recent price rises vary. In General, higher than a year earlier.
as in previous years, scrap prices, recycling business would do a lot better. But it's not the truth. Reporters found, in the face of ever-rising market, the city's many small recycling companies and individual investors have been "thirsty". "The recent waste is difficult to accept. "Xiamen scrap station boss Guo Xiaoming told reporters that business these days is very light, compared with previous years, has fallen by almost 30%.
yesterday, close to the city, reporters saw empty Recycle tricycle next to several vendors around a card, be less busy. "So any longer, may even feed problems. "According to one trader described, many industry" shortage ", open and high wages, many younger colleagues have turned out.
it is understood that, plagued by dismal business, mostly small recycling companies and individual investors. Xiamen Xin Cheng waste recycling company official told reporters that more big companies by and large unit, and have fixed partnerships, business has not been affected. Analysis of
the public store waste products to be up
waste, recovery is difficult to do business, the "traditional" phenomenon makes many people feel incredible. Waste recycling station boss Guo Xiaoming said in Xiamen, experience from previous years, when encountered rally, members of the public more willing to release as soon as possible to sell for a good price. But this year, some people even got waste, is in no hurry to sell, "a bit strange".
"one reason is that under the inflation expectations, the market expects recycling prices will continue to rise. "Xiamen material recycling company official told reporters, newspapers, cardboard boxes, not dirty, relatively small, some people expect stock to be up.
data shows that January pulp imports amounted to 1.41 million tons this year, 27% over the last month, million tonnes for the third consecutive month. The industry expects the expansion of demand for this raw material, is likely to further boost the prices of recyclable waste materials.
on the accumulation of waste products, and some people are now soaring outside, everyone is reducing consumption, resulting in waste reduction in the number, then, many people begin to store up to a certain amount and then sell, "of course, the price is another reason. "Helplessness
vendor price to play" trick "
Note is, waste recycling business is tough," to eat ", some of the retail recovery has frequently played" means "of, trying to get something fishy. "One of them is artificially low prices. "According to industry sources, for example, the highest waste newspaper market has now increased to 0.8 yuan per 500 grams, but some people close to 0.6 Yuan to take. And a lot of people who don't care about recycling market, even at a lower price to be ripped off. In addition, in practice, the "Dear" is one of the commonly used methods.
"this is one of the common phenomenon in the recycling market, in the ' special ' time is obvious. "The source said, as a result, during this period, relevant departments should strengthen the old acquisition team norms, and implementation of a uniform collection price. And for some closed community, recycling can best take possession, fixed personnel in front of the community, "waiting", by the residents call their pick-up, which facilitate the community recycling personnel management.
, now part of the scrap market on the rise, but it is not stable, all the time "down". And hoarding excess waste, not only takes up space, the living environment will have an impact to advise people to sell as soon as possible. The author suggested that wastes do not stay, price rises are not obviously had no effect on small price, hoard no profits to speak of.
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