Significantly tied to resources and environment factors

When shopping, it is ready for shopping bags, using fewer plastic bags a day, reducing waste, less pollution. Use do not contain mercury, cadmium and lead rechargeable battery, knowing that easily penetrate the soil of heavy metals mercury, cadmium and lead, does great harm to the environment. Refuse to use products containing toxic chemicals, fragrances, artificial "mothballs", are harmful to health. Recycling one aluminum can saves TV three hours of electricity, and reduces pollution. Buy packaging materials can be recycled or biodegradable goods; refusing to buy the plastic packaging items. No styrofoam products (such as lunch boxes), which cannot be broken down, will form a huge amount of rubbish. Cycle economic promote method legislation research experts group leader Zhang Tianzhu Professor for this problem on had pointed out that, only from whether has cycle content or activities to classics interpretation cycle economic, is easy trees, and sweeping, misleading on cycle economic of awareness, great to bound with prompted will resources environment elements into to economic system internal of process, serious denied weakening with cycle economic of change economic development mode of deep nature and rich connotation, to makes cycle economic in China economic construction of main Shang hard task. Professor of circular economy in profound essence and richness, through the circular economy promotion law enacted to reflect, article II of the General principles of circular economy promotion law clearly states: circular economy in this law, is in the process of production, circulation and consumption minimization, reuse, and recycling activities in General. Here not only include recycling, more emphasis in the process of production, circulation and consumption minimization, reuse and recycling activities, the overall concept, trying to guide the essential transformation of economic development model, the GDP-oriented high consumption, high pollution transformation from traditional economic models for resources and the environment from the economic system external integration into the new economic model of sustainable development within the.
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