Nonferrous metals refining scrap metal recycling as a major source

Non-ferrous metals refining scrap metal recycling as a major source in 2010, non-ferrous metal industry output value exceeded billion mark for the first time in Chengdu city, totaled 16.8 billion yuan, an increase of 81.7%, industrial output by about 47%, became the first Chengdu billion industry. Chengdu is a famous hometown of nonferrous metals. According to reports, Chengdu is located in metallic mineralization belt of the Pacific Rim, are part of the metallogenic belt of nanling. Therefore, is very rich in mineral resources, especially non-ferrous mineral resources, mineral more complete, symbiotic, associated mineral species, widely distributed, good quality, large, strong and comprehensive utilization of high value. The city's 11 counties (districts) are mineral deposits, has reserves of Tin, antimony, zinc, indium, copper, iron, gold, silver, manganese and arsenic minerals 43 205, metal reserves of about more than 10 million tons, valued at $ 70 billion.
non-ferrous minerals in the country, reserves first in Guangxi's Tin, lead, zinc, antimony, silver, indium, cadmium, sulfur, arsenic and other 9. Among them, the Tin one-third of national reserves, ranks first in the country; Indium metal reserves ranked highest in the world; lead-antimony and metals reserves rank second in the country. In addition, vanadium, copper, gallium, gold, iron, limestone, marble, coal reserves are abundant.
at present mining and dressing enterprises above designated size 41, annual mining capacity of 5.3 million tons; metallurgical processing enterprises above designated size 31, annual smelting capacity of 700,000 tons; billion yuan output value of the city in more than 42 companies and nonferrous metal enterprises accounted for 19.
, Chengdu city, after years of effort, non-ferrous metals output value has increased significantly, industry as a whole has entered a fast track.
5 years ago, the region of "Eleven-Five" program, as Chengdu Chengdu scrap non-ferrous metals industrial base focusing on cultivating the new one of three industrial bases. The "Eleven-Five" plan proposed to built in hechi, Guangxi's largest, nationwide, has a certain influence in the world of scrap non-ferrous metals industry base. 2010 proposed creating a non-ferrous metal industry in hechi city "billions."
in order to achieve its objectives, changes the past unreasonable product mix, rough and in the proportion of lower-end products, and low levels of resource recovery and other issues. By developing recycling economy, lead smelting enterprises speed up structural adjustment, the use of high-tech and advanced technology and deep processing of nonferrous metals, extend the industrial chain, increasing added value.
tracking of deep processing of nonferrous metals in the world of new technologies, new products and leading enterprises of non-ferrous metals. Since 2007, has with the Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute in Chengdu, Chengdu University of more than more than 100 universities, scientific research institutes set up a science and technology cooperation, colleges and technology signed a cooperation agreement, hire some professors to hechi nonferrous metal talent young Highland Chief, developed high-purity lead, pure silver, high pure indium, cadmium, a large number of new products. In research and development of non-ferrous metals technology, has been completed and provincial Engineering Research Center, 2 Enterprise Technology Center 10, develop new technologies and products, 100 development of nonferrous materials 12. Hechi jintai renewable resources limited's "ultra low grade lead-antimony smelting waste residue to produce refined Indium Indium" and other technology in the domestic advanced level.
the development of recycling economy and improving the added value of products, walk in front of an enterprise. In 2009, the investment of 325 million yuan in Chengdu, Joint Institute of Chongqing University, the Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, launched 8000 tons of metal and 10000 tonnes of Tin Tin solder for electronics engineering. One of the company in charge of: "Tin ingot market prices currently around 140,000 yuan per tonne, after becoming a solder, prices have increased, the most cutting-edge solder over 1000 Yuan per kg. Project reaches the postpartum, the annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. "
" hometown of nonferrous metals ", but resources are limited and mine reorganization, many companies" mine "problem. In mining, to utilize local sources at the same time, Chengdu to guide enterprises to implement "two kinds of resources and two markets" strategy spearheaded by opening-up, and encourage and support enterprises, targeting foreign resources and markets. At present, the nonferrous metal enterprises in Chengdu with Canada, and Australia, more than more than 10 countries and regions to establish the purchase and sale of mineral resources network, forming a world looking to expand industry-oriented development pattern. Cheng Yuan smelting factory, Nanfang Nonferrous Smelting companies, Tang Chinese indium and zinc company in hechi 90% ore imports enterprise, 95% products are exported abroad, break out a "two kinds of resources and two markets, two out" development path.
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