Gift box waste is a thin line between

Luxury gift box waste, today's people "have not". People sigh: FCL buy now the new year, relatives and at least two boxes during the Chinese new year, relatives and friends, every family received a lot of gifts, such as milk, fruit, health products. Gifts and did eat and drink package,? some people choose to throw into the trash, some people accumulate a certain number, then sold to consolidated scrap recycling.
in recent days, reporters visited more than recycling stations in the city, lots of gift box piles, some one can receive more than one ton.
gift box in the Recycle Bin are the main
23 morning in Shahe bridge along a recycling station, reporters saw many packing cartons can see the cartons of milk, almond, fruits, wine gift packaging boxes, and some cardboard packaging is electrical and decoration materials.
according to the recycling bin, he be a stranger, Chinese new year back to my hometown, 16 day is open for business. The door, basically every day will receive a ton of garbage bins, mostly gift boxes, slightly more in recent days.
and recycled more than in the same period last year, said the head of the Recycle Bin, years after the waste bin is more overall waste bin seems more this year.
in an interview, there have been 3 people to sell scrap, are elderly people, they sold most of the gift box. One teacher surnamed Han, has been recycling for years, he said the year more litter bins than in the first month of last year. Reporters saw outside his flat except for a few bottles, mostly gift box.
community visited the Chinese new year is FCL shopping
reporter later observed the new road, several communities near the camp, a lot of rubbish is thrown a lot of boxes. People said that during the Chinese new year, cases of children took fruit, oranges, grapefruit, milk to move home. Not like before, are carrying bags of fruit to buy some. This year too, emptied out a pile of boxes. Children sometimes threw away, he has to save a saved and sold to recyclers.
who lives in Yao Jian Lu, the public said, this year the Chinese new year, son and daughter to the family moved to boxes of fruit and vegetables, home is too hot, eat half, throwing half a shame. New year box full of shopping, in fact, quite a waste.
some people say now, relative to Chinese new year, to carry two boxes at least, less out of hand. And what is sold packaged gift box design is quite complicated, which led gift box and weight increased.
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