Attention of the structure by means of blasting demolition of buildings

By means of blasting demolition of part of the structure of a building, should ensure that other structural parts in good condition. After the blast, if found to retain the structural part of the danger signs, security measures should be taken before they can continue to work. Demolition before construction, to a group of technicians and workers learn safety procedures and removal of construction organization design. Demolition and construction must be the unity of command and under the supervision of the project leader. In charge of works under construction organization design and safety procedures to participate in the demolition of staff for detailed disclosure. Demolition prior to construction, wire, gas, gas pipes, water pipes, heating equipment, such as main, line cut or migration. When workers engaged in dismantling, should stand in a special setting on the scaffold or other solid structural operations. Demolition hung fences, warning signs should be set up around the area, and sent special care, no unrelated persons stay. Demolition of buildings, should be carried out in a top down order, several floors at the same time is strictly prohibited removal. When removing a part should prevent other parts of collapsed. In the process of dismantling, lighting distribution lines shall not be removed using the building, should set the distribution lines. Demolition of Rails, stairs and floors should be matched and overall progress, cannot be removed. Load-bearing pillars and beams of a building, shall be borne by the entire fabric and the load is removed before it can be removed. In social life cannot noise emission source boundary noise measurement or measurement cannot reflect the degree of their influence on the noise-sensitive structures case, noise measurements at the sensitive structures of the window 1M likely to be affected. When society noise emission source boundary with noise-sensitive structures less than 1M, the indoor measurement of noise-sensitive structures, and corresponding limit values in the table 1 minus 10dB (a) as a basis for evaluation. Structure of fixed communication equipment room acoustic emission limits in the social life of noise sources in noise-sensitive structures within the case, noise when transmitted through the structure to a noise-sensitive buildings, and noise-sensitive buildings equivalent sound level shall not exceed table 2 and table 3 limits.

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